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Event: Upcycling Glass Marble Paperclips

We had a great time holding an upcycling craft workshop at the Farmers' Market event at the Enabling Village on 28 May 2016. This is part of the initiative by Central Singapore CDC with Project UPcycle; sharing with the residents the beauty of upcycling.
The sweltering heat did not hamper our enthusiasm as we combed through past editions of magazines, looking for the perfect prints to hand make some glass marble paper clips and magnets. 
You look at everything around you with a fresh perspective, as you ponder if you can give them a second lease of life with upcycling. It is a very empowering feeling, turning yesterday's trash into today's treasures.
Upcycling Glass Marble Paperclips
We made Large Paper Clips and Fridge Magnets with Old Magazine prints and Glass Marbles 
Upcycling Glass Marble Paperclips
Flipping through the old magazines for the perfect prints
Upcycling Glass Marble Paperclips
Putting the finishing touches to the paper clip
Upcycling Glass Marble Paperclips
The upcycled beauty - Glass Marble Paper Clip with prints from a used red packet

Till our next blog post, make something with your hands! =)