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Craft Workshop: "Grow Big Ideas" - Story & Shrink Art Fun Craft Session

WahSoSimple brought our all time favourite shrink art craft workshop to the Story Carnival at the Enabling Village last week. Together with the veteran and talented story teller -  Roger Jenkins, we ran "Grow Big Ideas", a story and craft workshop.

Roger, a natural at telling stories, enchanted the children and their parents with a story by Taiwanese author, Jay Yue. He told the audience the inspiring story of Ding Ding, the humble bottle cap. Ding Ding believed in his conviction that he is not a throwaway item. The children learnt from Ding Ding that everyone is unique, regardless of size and shape and they can all do great things if they believe in themselves. 

WahSoSimple introduced the children to shrink art and taught the children on how to work on their own inspirational bag tags. The tags were made with messages to remind them to stay confident and have the grit during sticky situations. The children, together with their parents, worked on their colourful and inspirational tags together. 

Till our next blog post, craft something with your hands! =)


Craft Workshop: "King Lion" - Story & Stamping Fun Craft Session

We had a fabulous weekend running a craft workshop for the preschoolers at the inaugural Story Carnival, held at the Enabling Village. Teaming up with the talented story tellers from Story Connections Ltd, we came together to run the "King Lion" Story and Craft workshop.

The children were told the beautiful story of the King Lion, who learns how each animal, including the little rabbit, has an unique and important role to play in his jungle army. Together with the help of their parents, they then worked on hand stamping their very own drawstring pouch to put their special treasures safe.

                                                  The little ones with their creations

The children went around the exploring the different animal stamps and the myriad of colours. They got to work excitedly; giggling, chatting and asking inquisitive questions as they created their very own personalised pouches with their mummies and daddies. 

Till our next blog post, craft something with your hands! =)


Event: PAssion Arts Festival Craft Workshops at Punggol

WahSoSimple was thrilled to craft at another PAssion Arts Festival Village. We started our Saturday morning on 5 August 2017 bright and early and joined the residents at Punggol Damai estate. They had gathered for a morning to celebrate our Nation's 52nd Birthday and made some crafts together. It was a very bright and vibrant morning in every sense! The residents were all decked in red as they mingled at the various craft tables, making something beautiful with their family and friends!

We ran 3 crafting booths:

  • Glass Marble Magnets - Residents made a pair of glass marble magnets with special designs under the theme of 'Breakfast in Singapore'. We saw visuals of nasi lemak, kaya toast, Milo peng, hot kopi and more breakfast yummies made into practical magnets.
  • Shrink Art Tags - 'Everyday Objects' was the theme of this shrink art activity. Residents coloured Singaporean everyday objects like a phone, umbrella, pair of flip-flops, ice-cream cone, soccer ball, coffee cup, etc onto pieces of shrink plastic and we 'baked' it on spot to create a useful tag for their bags, water bottles, pencil cases, etc.
  • Stamp A Fabric Bag: We made animal- and transport-themed stamps and residents stamped them onto fabric bags in their favourite colours.

All-in-all, it was a colourful and happy morning to celebrate Singapore's birthday! =)

If you are interested in having WahSoSimple to customise craft activities for your event, please email us at

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Event: PAssion Arts Festival 2017: Making Candy Coloured Slime!

WahSoSimple ran a Slime Making workshop by the beach last weekend at the PAssion Arts Festival and the experience was simply fantastic! Making slime is fun, but making it amidst the company of fellow slime lovers by the beach made the entire experience a million times better!

Mesmerised by her slime creation

We were part of the the inaugural Pasir Ris Beach Arts community festival - where Pasir Ris beach was transformed into a giant Candy Bubble Land filled with oversized candies, community music and art and craft activities. There were so many slime lovers hand making their very own slime with us. Everyone had great fun, frantically stirring their concoction and watch their handmade slime created before their very eyes. The response we received was overwhelming. We are so happy that our friends who came to join us had as much fun as us. We had quite a number of adults who made their own stress buster slime balls to squish, a perfect alternative to the traditional stress ball.

If you are a keen to have a slime party or a slime making workshop, do reach out to us at  We will be more than happy to come make some slime and bring fun to your upcoming event! 

Till our next post, make something fun with your hands! =)


Craft Workshop: Shrink Art Fun

WahSoSimple is running 2 Shrink Art Fun workshops in June 2017! Watch your coloured art shrink into fun lapel pins and tags!

- 9 June (Fri) from 6pm to 8pm
- 17 June (Sat) from 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Venue: The Art Faculty at the Enabling Village (20, Lengkok Bahru)

Price: S$24 per person or S$30 for a parent & child pair. Both options come with a free drink at The Art Faculty Training Cafe. 

Sign-up: Email

Join us!


Event: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Grand Opening: Crafting of Chinese Themed Glass Marble Magnets

We were really happy to be part of the opening ceremony of the very impressive Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. This centre is created with the vision to promote Chinese culture which are Singapore Centric.

WahSoSimple was tasked to create a craft activity for the guests at the event. We drew inspiration from our rich and unique Singapore Chinese heritage with our glass marble magnets craft. Participants had fun making their very own pair of Glass Marble Magnets with the various designs prepared for them. They chose from the selection of Chinese Zodiac Animals, Oriental themed flowers and the range of delicious Chinese snacks.

It was a fascinating night to remember, crafting with distinguished guests at this grand opening, not forgetting the talented children from the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan. The children came to craft with us after their impressive Chinese poetry recital for the guest of honour for the evening, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the invited guests for the evening.

We love to tailor make themed crafts, and share the joy of crafting at events. Do reach out to us at  if you think we can help you bring some fun to your upcoming event.

Till our next blog, craft something beautiful! =)


Craft Workshop: Upcycling Plastic Food Packaging into Zipper Pouches

Used plastic packaging turned zipper pouch for my charging cables!

We have just learnt a startling fact recently. Plastic is all around us and we really cannot live without it. It is a basic need, just like food, air, water and probably wifi too. In Singapore, we generated a staggering amount of 822,000 tonnes (source: NEA) of plastic waste in 2016. This accounted for 10% of the waste we generated last year. Sadly, only 7% of this plastic waste were recycled. 

We believe that every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle counts. We went to a secondary school this week to share with the students how they can upcycle used plastic food packaging into attractive zipper pouches. There was absolutely no sewing required. The students learnt how to hand make their very own zipper pouches, from the used food packaging that they had salvaged from home. These hand made pouches will be given to their teachers for the upcoming Teachers' Day. This is truly a meaningful hand made work of love for the special someone who inspires, guides, enlightens, motivates them.

If you are interested in organising an upcycling workshop with your friends, family or colleagues, do drop us an email at and we will arrange something for you.

Till our next post, make something practical with your hands! =)


Event: NatGeo Earth Day Run 2017: Upcycling Running Bibs

We had a fantastic time at the Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2017, crafting with the race runners amidst the luscious greenery and stunning skyline view of Singapore at Gardens by the Bay. This event held this year served to protect our planet through renewable energy consumption, reducing waste and lowering participants’ carbon footprint.

Details were not spared to ensure that the run was eco friendly. The runners were given refillable bottles, which they could top up at designated water points, instead of consuming from bottled mineral bottles. WahSoSimple was there to help the runners further reduce their carbon footprint, helping them to upcycle their running bibs. We showed them how to turn their  running bibs, often disposed post runs into practical items of use. 

We had great fun at our crafting booths and we guided the runners to convert their running bibs either into a magnetic jigsaw puzzle or a mousepad. We were happy that the runners went home not only having accomplished their 5km/10km run under the sweltering glorious sun, but also how to upcycle their running bib, often their badge of pride, into something useful.

It gives us great pride to know that we also took part in the meaningful run, not as runners, but as eco friendly crafters sharing the message of upcycling with these amazing runners. 

Till out next blog post, craft something practical! =)


Event: Rubber Stamp Fun at the Hort Park

We had a lovely day at the monthly Gardeners' Day Out event at the Hort Park last Saturday. We took part in their 15th April event and had amazing loads of fun at our craft booth. In the spirit of reducing the use of paper and plastic, we encouraged the participants to design their own tote bags, drawstring bags and handkerchiefs which they will use in place of disposable bags and tissue.

The children especially had fun creating their own designs. They had to make really tough choices on the designs to stamp on their bags and the colour for their prints. It was a little messy but extremely fun for them as they showed their mega watt smiles with their creations.

Check out our Rubber Stamp Kit if you are interested in carving some rubber stamps at home. =)

Till out next blog post, craft something with your hands! =)


Craft Workshop: Shrink Art Fun with Mindset Charity

WahSoSimple was really happy to be part of something meaningful, at a FUN Day event organised by the Jardine Ambassadors. We conducted a shrink art craft workshop for their clients from MINDSET Care Limited, a registered charity, which has been established to make a difference in the area of mental health. Together with the Jardine Ambassadors, we had a colourful and crafty workshop on a bright Saturday morning, making beautiful shrink art pieces.  The volunteers from Jardine and their clients had an enjoyable time creating their very own lapel pins, keychains, bracelets and necklaces from scratch. 

Till our next post, make something beautiful with your hands! =)

DIY Craft: Wooden Beads Keychains

We are loving the things that we can do with wooden beads. Here are a couple more keychains that we have made. Enjoy! =)
The beads are painted with acrylic paint. Pastel and metallic are a perfect couple!

If you are interested in organising a workshop to make these crafts with wooden beads and/or need the supplies, feel free to contact us at

Alternatively, you can purchase a DIY Craft Kit for Wooden Beads Keychains and do it yourself at home. =)
Till the next blog post, make something with your hands! =)

Craft Workshop: Upcycling Used Paper into Personalised Notebooks

In March 2017, WahSoSimple facilitated a series of upcycling craft workshops with Primary 4 students at a primary school in Singapore. The objective of the sessions was to teach our young friends through crafting to appreciate our forests. The grand forests accounts for a third of land area on our planet, but is unfortunately disappearing at an astonishing rate, due to deforestation.

The students were asked to come to school with sheets of one-sided used paper. There were lots of chatter and excitement as they marvelled with disbelief at how they could transform the used paper they had painstakingly collected from rummaging through their recycled bins at home, into personalised notebooks.

We showed and taught them how to make and bind their own book, and personalise it with attractive washi tape.

Our young friends were delighted with their handmade notebook. They also went home with a deeper appreciation of the forest, the source of where paper is made. They all learnt the startling fact that along with losing endangered animals, to deforestation, we are losing forest area  the size of Singapore every 2 days (source:

Till out next blog post, craft something! =)


Craft Workshop: Making a Mosaic Photo Frame With Seniors

Our February crafting workshops with our silver friends were literally picture perfect! WahSoSimple conducted several sessions making mosaic photo frames with seniors and their student volunteers. The volunteers took time after school to spend their afternoon crafting, having fun and most importantly, making our silver friends feel extra special.

Together, we sat down to personalise their photo frames. We assembled multi coloured mosaic tiles onto the frame and added a few embellishments to give it an extra pop of colour.

We also had tremendous fun with our mobile photo booth. We had fun props and our instant camera. The seniors had a whale of a time dressing up and strutting their poses. We captured so many megawatt smiles and heart melting shots. A senior couple, married for close to 60 years, chose to take their picture together, inspiring us with their devotion for each other.

We had a fabulous time crafting and went home feeling fantastic that we added colour to the lives of our senior friends.

Till out next blog post, craft something! =)


DIY Craft: Wooden Beads Necklaces

Wooden beads and acrylic paint is the perfect combination to make pretty things. We made a couple of necklaces with wooden beads to jazz up our outfits. #OOTD

It is easy to do this DIY craft. Just paint and string. =)

Just paint ....

and string! 

Check out our shop for the DIY Craft Kit for Wooden Beads Necklaces and DIY your next accessory!

Till our next blog post, craft something! =)


Event: Upcycled Fun at Car Free Sunday

WahSoSimple joined in the fun at CarFreeSunday on 22 January 2017! It was a great way to spend our Sunday morning along Connaught Drive. We ran a crafting booth, sharing how easy it is to upcycle everyday items at home with the help of some washi tape. It was great fun making bookmarks at our booth with used envelopes and gorgeous washi tape. 

Next time, before you throw something away, why not pause and think if you can make something useful with the help of washi tape. 

Till our next blog post, craft something! =)


Craft Workshop: PRESSPLAY 2017 - Shrink Plastic Workshop

We are absolutely thrilled to be part of PRESSPLAY 2017, an annual youth festival organised by Singapore National Library Board, who planned a myriad of arts programmes to the public.

WahSoSimple conducted a shrink plastic workshop at the Bedok Library on 21 January 2017. It was a great session of hands-on fun watching their creations come to life. We drew, coloured and cut each unique creation and popped them into the oven. The shrinked art were then transformed into lapel pins and quirky hanging mobiles. We had as much fun as the participants as we spent the rainy afternoon creating their masterpieces. 

If you would also like to experience the magic of shrink plastic, join us at our second workshop on 11th February at 2.30 pm at the Bukit Merah Library. Do check the PRESSPLAY 2017 facebook page for details.

Till our next blog post, craft something! =)


Craft Workshop: Upcycling Old T Shirts

Do you know that a simple cotton T shirt requires up to 2,700L of water before it makes its eventful journey from a cotton plant into your wardrobe space? The water it requires provides drinking water to an individual for 900 days!

Learning this astonishing fact gave us a fresh perspective of the humble T shirts we own,  and how we should give it a second lease in life post its prime days in our wardrobe.  It inspired us to craft a pot coaster from old T shirts and we were very happy to run a workshop teaching this craft to a group of school teachers.

WahSoSimple was humbled to have teachers as our students on 14 Jan 2017, as we showed them how they could make their own pot coasters from old T shirts. The session was to inspire them on how they could impart the knowledge of upcycling to their students.

If you are planning to organise an upcycling initiative, why not reach out to us and we will share some workshop ideas which you can consider. Drop us a note at to enquire.

Till our next blog post, craft something with your hands! =)


Event: The UP Market @ Toa Payoh Hub Atrium

Happy New Year!! May all the good things happen to you in 2017! =)

WahSoSimple conducted a hands-on workshop and ran a selling booth at the The UP Market @ Toa Payoh hub atrium area on 18 December 2016. We showed residents how to make an upcycled pot coaster from pre-loved T shirts and how to use washi tape on old envelopes to make bookmarks.
This day marked our second year as a participant in this meaningful event.

Our hands-on Workshop: We brought in many pieces of old t-shirts and showed residents how they can cut the t-shirts into smaller pieces to tie them to a piece of anti-skid rug to make pot holders.

Photo courtesy: Singapore CDC

Our Selling Booth: We show residents how they can use washi tape to upcycle common everyday things to something useful.
Upcycling examples:
  • from toilet rolls and used envelopes to gift wrapping
  • from a old DVD box to a travelling colouring kit
  • from an old cassette box to a holder for your 2017 calendar
  • from cereal boxes to Christmas decorations and mini-magazine holder
  • from one-sided printed paper to a notebook
  • from a used envelope to a bookmark
We sold washi tapes and had a hands-on 'make-a-bookmark' activity. It was fun! =)

Photo courtesy: Singapore CDC

Till our next blog post, craft something! =)