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★ Events ★

We have brought our crafting sessions to events, with hands-on craft table sessions. Here is a snippet of our craft table sessions. Drop us a note at to find out how we can bring some crafting fun to your event. 

Event: PAssion Arts Festival at Punggol
Crafts: Glass Marble Magnets, Shrink Art Tags & Stamp A Fabric Bag

In celebration of Singapore's 52nd birthday, we run 3 activity booths with the Punggol Damai residents to create Singapore-related magnets, tags and bags.
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Event: PAssion Arts Festival at Pasir Ris
Craft: Candy-Coloured Slime

We introduced a slime-making activity which is fuss-free and made with safe and non-toxic materials to the public. It was a popular hit with both children and adults.
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Event: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Grand Opening 2017 
Craft: Chinese Themed Glass Marble Magnets

We drew inspirations from our rich Chinese heritage and designed these themed glass marble magnet crafts for the guests at the opening. 
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Event: NatGeo Earth Day Run 2017
Craft: Upcycling Running Bibs

We designed 2 upcycling crafts for runners to convert their running bibs to magnetic jigsaw puzzles and mousepads after their run.
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Event: Gardeners' Day Out at The HortPark Singapore
Craft: Stamp A Fabric Bag/Handkerchief

In the spirit of reducing the use of plastic and paper, we set up a rubber stamping booth to encourage participants to design and stamp their own tote bags, drawstring bags and handkerchiefs and use them in place of plastic bags and tissue paper in their everyday life.
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Event: Upcycling Morning at Toa Payoh
Craft: Upcycling with Old Boxes and Magazines

WahSoSimple ran 2 upcycling booths for residents to:

- convert old boxes to attractive stationery / magazine holders and
- old magazines to practical glass marble magnets and paper clips.

Event: Car Free Sunday (Urban Redevelopment Authority)
Craft: Upcycling with Washi Tape

WahSoSimple ran a selling and crafting booth, sharing how easy it is to upcycle everyday items at home with the help of some washi tape. 
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Event: The UP Market at the Toa Payoh HUB Atrium
Craft: Upcycling with Old T-Shirts and Washi Tape

WahSoSimple conducted a hands-on workshop and ran a selling booth. We showed residents how to make an upcycled pot coaster from pre-loved T-shirts and how to use washi tape on old envelopes to make bookmarks.
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Event: Farmers' Market
Craft: Upcycling with Old Magazines

We flipped through stacks of old magazines to find interesting prints and mortalised them onto glass marbles to make useful paper clips and fridge magnets.
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Event: Laneige Meets Fashion PR Launch
Craft: Shrink Plastic and Suede Tassel

At this PR event launch, WahSoSimple handmade suede tassels and designed shrink plastic templates for participants to color. We shrunk the shrink plastic pieces on spot and assembled into a beautiful keychain to accompany the PR kit home.
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Event: Project Earth Day (National Environment Agency)
Craft: Upcycling with Old Magazines

We gave old magazines a new lease of life by upcycling them to make pretty handmade glass marble magnets.

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Event: Graduation Lunch at Singapore Polytechnic
Craft: Glass Marble Magnets

WahSoSimple was commissioned by Singapore Polytechnic to craft out their graduating student's names on glass marble magnets. Over lunch, the students wrote down their 'graduating wish' and we had them converted into magnets to accompany their names.

Event: Private Valentine's Day Fair
Craft: Glass Marble Magnets

We pre-made some Valentine's Day glass marble magnets and sold them at this private fair. There were also requests for customised designs which we created to the delight of the requesters!