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Our first love is making things with our hands. We also love to make new friends. As craft facilitators, the workshops we have conducted allow us to bring these two loves together. We have worked with corporates, government agencies and schools, customising craft workshops tailored to their needs. These included, team building workshops, community workshops and fringe activities at PR events. 

Here are of some awesomely enjoyable workshops which we ran. Crafting was really fun even though many of the participants did not have any prior experience. We were there to show them how simple it was to DIY and make something fabulously beautiful with their hands. No experience was needed to create their work of art.

If you would like to plan some activities for your event and would like fresh ideas, why not talk to us? We will be excited to suggest hands on craft sessions for your event. Just drop us a note at hello@wahsosimple.com and we will be right at the other end waiting for you!

Client: A Secondary School in Singapore
Craft: Upcycling Plastic Packaging to Zipper Pouches

We showed 2 classes of students on how they can convert used plastic packaging to zipper pouches. The students will be hand-making more of these upcycled zipper pouches and giving them to their teachers for the upcoming Teachers Day this year!
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Client: Jardine Ambassadors
Craft: Shrink Plastic

We made beautiful shrink art pieces with the Jardine Ambassadors and their clients from MINDSET Care Limited, a registered charity which has been established to make a difference in the mental health area.
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Client: A Primary School in Singapore
Craft: Upcycling with Used Paper and Old T-Shirts

WahSoSimple ran six 2-hour upcycling workshops with Primary 4 students in a school in Singapore. We impressed upon the students the scarcity of forests and water through crafting. We converted one-sided paper to personalised notebooks and old T-shirts to pot coasters.
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Client: National Library Board Singapore
Craft: Shrink Plastic

PressPlay2017 is an annual youth festival organised by the NLB, who planned a myriad of arts programmes to the public. We made pins and jiggly men with shrink plastic.

Craft: Upcycling Old T-shirts

WahSoSimple was humbled to have teachers as our students, as we showed them how they can make their own pot coasters from old T shirts. The session was to inspire them on how they can impart the knowledge of upcycling to their students.
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Private Workshop
Craft: Clay Dish

WahSoSimple ran a private craft workshop for a group of creative friends. We made marbled clay dishes from oven baked clay and personalised the dishes by stamping on them.

Public Workshop
Craft: Shrink Plastic

At this public Fun With Shrink Plastic Workshop, we shared with participants on how they can use chalk pastels, acrylic paint, colour pencils and permanent markers to create their own shrink plastic pieces.

Client: SKII
Craft: Clay Dish

We conducted a craft workshop as part of a team building session for 60 members of their staff. We did lots of kneading, sculpting and stamping and created beautiful personalised clay dishes for their precious trinkets.

Client: CARE Singapore
Craft: Shrink Plastic

An afternoon was spent making shrink plastic keychains with a group of 29 schoolchildren whose top-of-mind task was to make a really, really special keychain for their mothers for Mother's Day.

Public Workshop
Craft: Shrink Plastic

WahSoSimple hosted a public Shrink Plastic Workshop with Popin at the Tampines Changkat Community Centre.

Client: Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC)
Craft: Variety

We have been running community craft workshops with Central Singapore CDC with the help of volunteers from schools across the many Senior Activity Centres (SAC). Together with the volunteers, we have crafted with over 900 elders with craft sessions specially tailored to work on their fine motor skills.

Some of the craft items that we have done include:

- making an owl out of mosaic pieces Read more ...

- making a keychain with a shrink plastic merlion and a suede tassel Read more ...

- painting of tropical fruits fabric bags Read more ...

- making a drink coaster and keychain with wooden beads

- making a 2D cherry blossom tree and butterfly with buttons

- decorating a photo frame with mosaic tiles and inserting a freshly taken instant photo of themselves into the frame Read more ...

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