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Event: Laneige Meets Fashion

23 July 2015 was an exciting day for WahSoSimple! We were part of the PR launch event in Singapore for Laneige Meets Fashion, an annual venture which showcases collaborations between Laneige and up-and-coming fashion designers in South Korea. For 2015, Laneige is collaborating with PlayNoMore, a new playful, funky fashion brand. Guests at the event included friends from the media, the talented Make-Up Artists and beauty bloggers.

WahSoSimple Laneige Meets Fashion Shrink Art

WahSoSimple designed and handmade the bag charms for the press kits. We made suede tassels in 4 different colors (pink, orange, light blue and cyan) and used inkjet shrink plastic to pre-make the 'Laneige Meets Fashion' tag.

For the charms, we provided 4 design options. Guests at the launch event chose their favourite designs and personalised them with their creativity. The creations were simply gorgeous and one of a kind!

WahSoSimple Laneige Meets Fashion Shrink Art

WahSoSimple then baked the coloured shrink plastic designs on the spot and put them together as a beautiful bag charm. Everyone left happily with a personalised bag charm hooked on their press kit.

WahSoSimple Laneige Meets Fashion Shrink Art

We had tons of fun preparing for the event and at the event itself! We wish #laneigesg all the best for their launch #LaneigexPlayNoMore =)

Till the next post, make something with your hands!

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