DIY Craft: Upcycling Zipper Pouch

WahSoSimple Upcycling Zipper Pouch

We all love attractive designs, don't we? Have you come across pretty food packaging which draws you to buy them off the shelves? Here is an idea to transform these lovely food packaging into something useful after we have munched all the yummy contents. You can try your hand at making an upcycled zipper pouch!

You will require the following items for this craft:

  • A piece of used food packaging

  • Some duct tape

  • A zipper

  • A pair of scissors

  • A stapler

Here are the steps:

WahSoSimple Zipper Pouch Instructions
  1. Determine the size of the pouch you would like to make from the packaging and cut 2 identically sized pieces from the packaging. This will form the front and the back of the pouch. You will need to ensure that the length of your desired pouch does not exceed the length of your zipper.

  2. With the outer side of the cut packaging facing you, tape both the pieces of together at the base area. (See Picture 1)

  3. With the outer side of the packaging facing you, anchor your overturned zipper at the top left hand side of (2) and staple the zipper to the packaging. You will need to staple along the entire side, ensuring that you do not staple too close to the zipper. (See picture 1)

  4. Once done, cover the stapled stitches with duct tape, with the bottom half of the tape covering the stapled area and the top of the tape on your work surface. Lift your work off your work surface, and fold over the plastic as you stick the other end of the duct tape, which was previously stuck on the table onto the inner side of the packaging. (See picture 2)

  5. Place completed (4) on the table, with the inner side of the packaging facing you. Lift the bottom of the packaging up to meet the top side with the stapled zipper (zipper should be facing upwards now). Staple this end of the packaging to the entire length of the zipper. Next, cover the stapled stitches with duct tape (repeating step 4). Trim off any excess tape at the side. (See Picture 3)

  6. Ensuring that the zipper is on top and well aligned, staple along the end of the pouch (side with the end of the zipper). Cover the stapled stitches again with duct tape, leaving an additional 1 inch on the top (side with the zipper).

  7. Cut off the excess square of the tape (See Picture 4). Fold over the "L" shaped corner of the tape, before folding the tape over to cover the stapled stiches.

  8. Cut off the excess zipper.

  9. Unzip your half completed pouch at this stage. This step is crucial to ensure that you are able to overturn the pouch later.

  10. Repeat step 6 and 7 on the other side of the pouch. (See Picture 5)

  11. Overturn your pouch and you are done! (See Picture 6)

So look into the cupboards and shelves the next time you enter your kitchen and think about the pouches you can make with your finds! If you prefer a hands-on workshop to learn to make this zipper pouch or any other upcycling crafts, do drop us an enquiry here.

Till our next post, upcycle something! =)

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