Event: PAssion Arts Festival 2017: Making Candy Coloured Slime!

July 31, 2017

WahSoSimple ran a Slime Making workshop by the beach last weekend at the PAssion Arts Festival and the experience was simply fantastic! Making slime is fun, but making it amidst the company of fellow slime lovers by the beach made the entire experience a million times better!

                                                                                        Mesmerised by her slime creation


We were part of the the inaugural Pasir Ris Beach Arts community festival - where Pasir Ris beach was transformed into a giant Candy Bubble Land filled with oversized candies, community music and art and craft activities. There were so many slime lovers hand making their very own slime with us. Everyone had great fun, frantically stirring their concoction and watch their handmade slime created before their very eyes. The response we received was overwhelming. We are so happy that our friends who came to join us had as much fun as us. We had quite a number of adults who made their own stress buster slime balls to squish, a perfect alternative to the traditional stress ball.



If you are a keen to have a slime party or a slime making workshop, do drop us an enquiry here.  We will be more than happy to come make some slime and bring fun to your upcoming event! 


Till our next post, make something fun with your hands! =)

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