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Tropical Leaves


Every little effort counts. When everyone does a little, the impact will be multiplied. This philosophy is the backbone of our collection of environmental-themed craft workshops, in our

When Less Is More series.

Upcycling Workshops

We believe that nothing beats hand-on crafting to get across the message that everyone can play a part to preserve our Earth's finite resources. We have developed a series of upcycling workshops to transform commonly discarded materials like paper, plastic and cloth into beautiful and useful objects. 

WahSoSimple Zipper Pouch Upcycling Works

Upcycling Plastic

See what you can do with plastic packaging

WahSoSimple Upcycling Cloth

Reusing Cloth

Give your old clothes

a new life

WahSoSimple upcycling paper

Upcycling Paper

Recycle used paper before you trash them

WahSoSimple Upcycling Workshops

Clean & Green

Our upcycling crafts at green events

Our Experience

Over 80 upcycling sessions reaching out to  4000+ individuals!


Want to upcycle with us? Contact us here.

Our Partners


Some of our upcycling work is made possible by material donation from Zoff Eyewear, Ikea and kind-hearted friends. If you or your business have any disused materials to donate, let us know. We will try our best to give the materials a new lease of life.

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