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Crafting with Seniors 

We believe that crafting is an excellent medium to break the ice and bond with new friends, regardless of age. Over the years, we have worked with many schools, companies and senior activity centres and have developed our Craft and Bond series - a program specially developed to spark interaction between volunteer groups and seniors as they enjoy their time together.


It warms our hearts that our Craft and Bond workshops series is very well received from the joyous laughter we hear from our workshop sessions.  

WahSoSimple Student Volunteers.jpg

School Volunteers

Students bonding

with Seniors

WahSoSimple Craft Worshop fo Seniors CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies doing their part for the Seniors

Wah So Simple Shrink Plastic Marina Bay


Active Aging


WahSoSImple Senior Crafts.jpg

Curated Seniors Workshops

Dedicated workshops designed just for Seniors

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