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Breathing in, we try our best. Breathing out, we let go of the rest. 

Come, explore our Take A Pause series - a collection of unique craft workshops, thoughtfully designed with mental wellness tips and messages to help calm the mind.

Mental Wellness Craft Workshops

We deliver mental wellness tips in a light-hearted and enjoyable style. We are all on this amazing journey where we learn from life experiences and our hope is to create a safe space for people to learn self-coping techniques. We share snippets of beautiful stories, amassed from over 1,000 mental wellness craft experiences that we have created, in partnership with the Health Promotion Board over the last 3 years.

WahSoSimple Mental Wellness Rubber Stamp

Carve Your Stress Away

In life, we carve our outcomes with our actions. It is in our hands, just like how you can also hand carve stamps! Come and unwind with us. You will create beautifully carved stamps during this session. As you patiently carve the rubber into your creation, let us show you how you can also carve your stresses away. 

WahSoSimple Felt Succulent Single.JPEG

When Productivity Blooms

Succulents, when nurtured, blooms and flourishes beautifully. Imagine when we nurture our productivity skill sets, we will feel happier with more free time! Learn easy-to-follow techniques to improve your productivity as we come together to hand make beautiful felt succulents.

WahSoSimple Mental Wellness Reflections

Reflections Monogrammed

​Sometimes, we are so focused on tasks around us that we forget to make space for ourselves. Spend some well-deserved me-time and appreciate yourself as you create a personalised monogramed notebook. You will also learn some easy-to-follow self-reflection techniques with this session. 

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WahSoSimple Mental Wellness Shrink Art C

Shrink Your Art, Shrink Your Stress

Come create your masterpiece on craft plastic and marvel at how the plastic shrinks in size to form your artwork. What if there is also a way for us to shrink the stresses we carry? Let us teach you how to create beautiful shrink art pieces, as  we draw parallels to how we can better manage stress and shrink them too!

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WahSoSimple Mental Wellness Clay Dish Cr

Holding All Things Beautiful

We all have a holding place in life for things close and dear to us. Learn how to create a beautiful clay dish to hold all your precious trinkets. Let's also have a conversation about what we can do to create more beautiful moments in our lives by focusing on the moment.

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