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Reflections Monogrammed - A Mental Wellness Craft Workshop

Decorate your notebook with washi tape at WahSoSimple Mental Wellness Craft Workshop
Notebook with washi tape

What do you get when you mix an array of beautiful washi tapes and other craft supplies with the staff from KK Women's and Children's Hospital, who had put aside an hour of their time to be with us? You get this amazing outcome of a soulfully fun and wonderful virtual session, a Mental Wellness Craft Workshop.

With the washi tapes, beautifully monogrammed notebooks were created during our session together. The personalised notebooks were then given a purposeful job - to capture the reflection moments for that personal quiet time.

How often do we take a pause to think about what brings joy? It is a thought absolutely worth pondering because if we can recognise the factors which makes our heart smile, we can just gather more of such moments by repeating the factors! We equipped the participants with simple to follow self reflection techniques for them to try. The techniques help recalibrate their thoughts, emotions during this quiet time which they carve out for themselves.

Having a couple minutes of quiet time is simple and so powerful as it resets your mind and it can bring you more joy.


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