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Easy to make Frosted Christmas Jars - environmentally friendly and clutter free !

There is something magical about lights and candles during Christmas and here is a really simple frosted Christmas jars you can make with almost everything found at home. This was featured in our project with SPH for their The Sunday Times feature - Have a Luxe Christmas for Less. It is a fun upcycling project which takes a mere 10 minutes.

The jar lights are made from used glass jars readily found in our kitchens. The best part of this, it is 100% clutter free. Once you are done with the festive celebrations, we can simply wash off the frostings and our jars can be used as a trusty storage container in the pantry.

Most importantly, it is earth friendly as we are reusing old glass jars found at home and we will be using salt crystals to create the frosting instead of glitter (which is actually microplastics). As we are using salt instead of glitter, the salt do fall off and may absorb moisture from the air and condense at the base of the jar. The simple fix is just make these displays just 1-2 days ahead of your planned display and have a tray below the jar to catch the stray salt crystals.

Here are the step-by-step pictorial instructions on how to create your very own Frosted Christmas Jar Lights.

Gather these items needed and you are all good to go:

  1. Glass Jars

  2. Sea Salt (They tend to have bigger crystals than ionised fine salt). We used Pagoda Brand Sea Salt found at the supermarkets

  3. Craft Glue

  4. A paint brush or a dish sponge to help spread the glue on the glass jar

  5. A wide tray for the salt to be placed

  6. Existing small Christmas embellishments, some twine

Step 1:

Apply glue on the outer surface of the glass jar. (If you plan to put tea lights in them, please ensure that the jar has a wide mouth and the glass jar should be wide enough such that the flame is not too close to the glass.)

Step 2:

Pour some salt in the tray and roll the jar in it, ensuring that the surface is generously covered with salt.

Step 3:

Decorate the rim of the jar with existing Christmas embellishment. You can consider using twine to secure the embellishments around the mouth of the jar.

All done with 1 jar, why not make a few more?

Step 4:

Put a string of LED lights or a tea light in the jar.

Remember to place a tray under your jars to catch the stray salt crystals and condensation pool, if any. You are all done with your frosted Christmas Display!

When you are all done with your festive celebrations, just wash the salted frosting with water and detergent and your trusty glass jars can be now reused as a storage container. Utterly clutter free!

Have fun making them and may you all enjoy a wonderful holiday season!


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