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Egg-Cuse me, how can we reduce food waste in Singapore?

Upcycled Egg Shells, Food Waste Singapore
Upcycled Egg Shells

It is World Earth Day today as we are writing this blog, and its timely for us to  share a food waste themed environmental workshop conducted recently. It was a blast and we are so proud of our students with their learning outcome.


Although over 4 hours long, it was an amazing energy packed Food Waste workshop with the entire P3 Cohort in a primary school last week. It was engaging, insightful, colourful and fun. The students gained knowledge about food waste facts through active listening, quizzes to check understanding of their new found food waste knowledge such as:


  • Singapore on average, creates about 2 bowls worth of food waste per person daily.

  • Eggs are so well-loved in Singapore. We consume over 2 billion eggs in a year!

  • We can classify food waste as unavoidable and avoidable food waste.

  • We can be creative to avoid food waste - such as making a shopping list before we visit the supermarket.


We are so proud of all our students. They came together, learnt with their friends and ideated a collection of brilliant ideas on how they can share the message of food waste reduction in their community.  We now have close to 200 Primary 3 knowledgeable food waste ambassadors, all ready to share the message on what we can do to reduce food waste.


We also explored how we can repurpose unavoidable food waste such as egg shells. We dyed them and created amazing beautiful eggshells mosaic artwork together. Just look at these amazing creations!

Upcycled Mosaic Egg Shells
Monogrammed Upcycled Mosaic Egg Shells

Upcycled Mosaic Egg Shells
Sun Set Upcycled Mosaic Egg Shells

Upcycled Mosaic Egg Shells
Rainbow Heart Upcycled Mosaic Egg Shells

 If you are keen to explore how we can help educate your students about food waste or any other sustainability topics in an engaging and fun manner, simply reach out to us via our contact form.


Till then, we can all do our part to waste a little less, and care a little more for our environment.


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