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Mental Wellness: Reflections on World Mental Health Day

10th October 2023 - Mental Wellness Reminder: Today is such an important day to remind us to stop! Take a pause and check in with ourselves on how we feel, just like how our bestie will check in on us.

Our mind is such a powerful part of us which we use all day long, yet it is so easy to to take it for granted. It is easy to see a bruise on our knees, a cut on our fingers but we cannot see if our mind is tired from being overworked. Sometimes, being busy all the time may not mean it is better. Yes, we do not have the luxury to take long holidays off our life commitments; it does not stop us from taking regular breaks in our routines, to pause and catch a breath.

Example of simple breaks:

It can just be a short coffee break, or a 2 minute break to rest our eyes, where we pause and let our mind rest.

It can also be allocating 5-10 minutes of daily me-time before we retire for the night with a simple self-reflection routine. We mull through interesting observations about ourselves as we reflect about the day's events. Self-reflection exercise is a fun and simple routine which can incorporate in our daily routine as we wind down in the night.

We teach these simple reflection exercise in our experiential wellness session - Reflections Monogrammed. We had recently conducted this workshop for the educators and support staff at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. They learnt how to use simple questions which they can ask themselves daily on this journey of self-discovery. They also personlised a monogrammed notebook during the workshop to capture their reflections.

The journey of self-discovery is not difficult. It can be simple and enjoyable. The more we learn more about ourselves, the better we know what we need for our mental wellbeing.

Reach out to us at WahSoSimple to learn more how we can teach you this simple self-discovery routine in our mental wellness workshop series: Reflections Monogrammed.


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