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Egg-cuse me, how many eggs do we consume? -Upcycled Egg Carton Polar Bear Craft.

Do we finish the food on our table? We brought the topic of food waste to the children through a conversation about eggs.

Do you know that Singapore as a nation, simply loves eggs? Eggs are in our Half-Boil eggs with Kaya Toast, Mee Rebus, Fried Carrot Cake, Pandan Cakes and the list just goes on.... This leads to a staggering number of 2.2 billion eggs* consumed annually! We import our eggs from more than 11 countries around the world and they have to make the long ardent journey by road, sea or air before they are finally sitting comfortably in the egg trays in our kitchen. The carbon footprint to bring the eggs to our dining table is no small feat, as some need to be refrigerated throughout the journey. How about the corresponding egg cartons generated as packaging to transport the delicate eggs? The number is for sure is a staggering quantity!

Together with NLB, we explored with the children at National Library during the March School Holidays, the impact of our food consumption. The process of growing, harvesting and transporting them to our tables. The need reduce our food wastage is critical to minimise the environmental impact , which inevitably, will raise global temperature resulting in melting glaciers, which our polar bear friends are struggling to live with.

With the egg cartons we had salvaged and the clean corrugated cartons from our online shopping, we spent our afternoon creating a 3D polar bear wall art. As they brushed their paint strokes working on their creation, they agreed in unison that every single one of them in class had a role in saving the home of their polar bear friends, which are living continents away. The collected effort to reduce food waste, will contribute towards slowing down the impact of global warming. If the children are so passionate about helping the polar bears, we should too, be inspired by them, shouldn't we?

WahSoSimple creates fun and interactive environmental workshops for children and adults. If you would like us to share the message of environmental care with your team, just reach out to us =).

Till then, for the love of eggs and polar bears, let's be mindful of our food waste.

*CNA 30 September 2021 - Singapore 2020 eggs consumption.


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