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National Day Shink Art Craft

The recognisable Singapore Icons. Creating bag tag pieces of these with Shink Plastic was a perfect way for us to celebrate the turn of another year for Singapore with the Seniors. The Merlion, Gardens by the Bay and the Esplanade, there are so many personal favourites to choose from. Comissioned by People's Association (PA), WahSoSimple was at GoodLife! Family Service Centre with the Seniors to doodle these art pieces together on Shrink Plastic.

We asked Ah Ma, who has turned 101 what she had wanted to create. With her quiet demenour and eyes which are so kind and soulful, she spoke not a word but pointed to the iconic Marina Bay Sand as she gave us her toothless smile. And so we sat, quietly opposite each other, with colour pencils and markers between us, and created her version of Marina Bay Sands, on the humble piece of Shrink Plastic together. She was really happy with the completed piece and pointed for it to be strung to her bag after it it was made. We were really happy to have spent the afternoon with her and her friends, creating such iconic images together, which would not have existed, if not for brave migrants like Ah Ma, who set forth to some here so many years ago, to forge a better life for all of us today.


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