Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Craft Workshop: "Grow Big Ideas" - Story & Shrink Art Fun Craft Session

WahSoSimple brought our all time favourite shrink art craft workshop to the Story Carnival at the Enabling Village last week. Together with the veteran and talented story teller -  Roger Jenkins, we ran "Grow Big Ideas", a story and craft workshop.

Roger, a natural at telling stories, enchanted the children and their parents with a story by Taiwanese author, Jay Yue. He told the audience the inspiring story of Ding Ding, the humble bottle cap. Ding Ding believed in his conviction that he is not a throwaway item. The children learnt from Ding Ding that everyone is unique, regardless of size and shape and they can all do great things if they believe in themselves. 

WahSoSimple introduced the children to shrink art and taught the children on how to work on their own inspirational bag tags. The tags were made with messages to remind them to stay confident and have the grit during sticky situations. The children, together with their parents, worked on their colourful and inspirational tags together. 

Till our next blog post, craft something with your hands! =)


Craft Workshop: "King Lion" - Story & Stamping Fun Craft Session

We had a fabulous weekend running a craft workshop for the preschoolers at the inaugural Story Carnival, held at the Enabling Village. Teaming up with the talented story tellers from Story Connections Ltd, we came together to run the "King Lion" Story and Craft workshop.

The children were told the beautiful story of the King Lion, who learns how each animal, including the little rabbit, has an unique and important role to play in his jungle army. Together with the help of their parents, they then worked on hand stamping their very own drawstring pouch to put their special treasures safe.

                                                  The little ones with their creations

The children went around the exploring the different animal stamps and the myriad of colours. They got to work excitedly; giggling, chatting and asking inquisitive questions as they created their very own personalised pouches with their mummies and daddies. 

Till our next blog post, craft something with your hands! =)


Monday, August 14, 2017

Event: PAssion Arts Festival Craft Workshops at Punggol

WahSoSimple was thrilled to craft at another PAssion Arts Festival Village. We started our Saturday morning on 5 August 2017 bright and early and joined the residents at Punggol Damai estate. They had gathered for a morning to celebrate our Nation's 52nd Birthday and made some crafts together. It was a very bright and vibrant morning in every sense! The residents were all decked in red as they mingled at the various craft tables, making something beautiful with their family and friends!

We ran 3 crafting booths:

  • Glass Marble Magnets - Residents made a pair of glass marble magnets with special designs under the theme of 'Breakfast in Singapore'. We saw visuals of nasi lemak, kaya toast, Milo peng, hot kopi and more breakfast yummies made into practical magnets.
  • Shrink Art Tags - 'Everyday Objects' was the theme of this shrink art activity. Residents coloured Singaporean everyday objects like a phone, umbrella, pair of flip-flops, ice-cream cone, soccer ball, coffee cup, etc onto pieces of shrink plastic and we 'baked' it on spot to create a useful tag for their bags, water bottles, pencil cases, etc.
  • Stamp A Fabric Bag: We made animal- and transport-themed stamps and residents stamped them onto fabric bags in their favourite colours.

All-in-all, it was a colourful and happy morning to celebrate Singapore's birthday! =)

If you are interested in having WahSoSimple to customise craft activities for your event, please email us at hello@wahsosimple.com.

Till our next post, make something with you hands! =)


Monday, July 31, 2017

Event: PAssion Arts Festival 2017: Making Candy Coloured Slime!

WahSoSimple ran a Slime Making workshop by the beach last weekend at the PAssion Arts Festival and the experience was simply fantastic! Making slime is fun, but making it amidst the company of fellow slime lovers by the beach made the entire experience a million times better!

                                                    Mesmerised by her slime creation

We were part of the the inaugural Pasir Ris Beach Arts community festival - where Pasir Ris beach was transformed into a giant Candy Bubble Land filled with oversized candies, community music and art and craft activities. There were so many slime lovers hand making their very own slime with us. Everyone had great fun, frantically stirring their concoction and watch their handmade slime created before their very eyes. The response we received was overwhelming. We are so happy that our friends who came to join us had as much fun as us. We had quite a number of adults who made their own stress buster slime balls to squish, a perfect alternative to the traditional stress ball.

If you are a keen to have a slime party or a slime making workshop, do reach out to us at hello@wahsosimple.com  We will be more than happy to come make some slime and bring fun to your upcoming event! 

Till our next post, make something fun with your hands! =)


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Craft Workshop: Shrink Art Fun

WahSoSimple is running 2 Shrink Art Fun workshops in June 2017! Watch your coloured art shrink into fun lapel pins and tags!

- 9 June (Fri) from 6pm to 8pm
- 17 June (Sat) from 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Venue: The Art Faculty at the Enabling Village (20, Lengkok Bahru)

Price: S$24 per person or S$30 for a parent & child pair. Both options come with a free drink at The Art Faculty Training Cafe. 

Sign-up: Email hello@wahsosimple.com

Join us!

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