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WahSoSimple Craft Workshop Rubber Stamp.

craft workshops

We tailor-make craft experiences for individuals and organizations. Our craft workshops are delivered either virtually or in intimate groups of 8. We also curate craft experiences for Family Day, public mass events and PR launches.


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WahSoSimple Zipper Pouch Upcycling Works

sustainability & crafting

We work with valued partners to spread the message of sustainability in an engaging manner, through craft workshops which we develop and deliver.


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WahSoSimple Mental Wellness Clay Dish Cr

mental wellness & crafting

We have delivered and created mental wellness themed workshops, with Health Promotion Board and HR departments. Though our mental wellness themed sessions, we share easy to follow mental wellness messages and tips, weaved in togeher with a fun and engaging craft session. 


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WahSoSimple Crafting Workshops.png

who we are

WahSoSimple, a Singapore craft company, is established in 2014 by 2 local entrepreneurs who have turned their passion of creating crafts with their hands into running craft workshops for government agencies, schools, organizations and individuals, To date, we have created over 8,000 craft experiences.

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WahSoSimple Craft Workshop Blog.jpg

read our blog

Our blog posts are filled with craft tips & inspirations and showcase what we do with our clients.


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connect with us

Find @wahsosimple online and connect us! We are on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.


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