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DIY Craft: Paint Your Own Fabric Bag

I am not an artist or painter but I love DIY crafting with acrylic paint. It is very versatile as it works with many types of materials (wood, fabric, glass, plastic, paper, etc). And when you buy a box of acrylic paint, you have a lot of it and when you have a lot of something, you experiment and have fun. =)

I also love small bags to keep my stuff organised. I have a small bag for my on-the-go toiletries, a small bag for my tech stuff (chargers, wires, thumb drive), a small bag for my stationery and the list goes on.

Acrylic paint + small fabric bag = My Own Customised Bag!! I am so excited!

WahSoSimple Paint a Bag

This is what I used:

  • Fabric bag

  • Red acrylic paint

  • Stencils

  • Paintbrush

  • Paint palette

To make, just place the stencil on the bag and start painting away!

I love the bag. You know what? I am going to give this bag to a friend of mine who is always jovial and positive. 'Laugh lots' fits her so well. Hope she will like it!

WahSoSimple Paint a Bag
WahSoSimple Paint a Bag

Till the next blog post, make something with your hands! =)

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