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Craft Workshop: Shrink Plastic Key Chain for Their Mummies

WahSoSimple Craft Workshop Shrink Art

29 cheeky young endearing hearts. WahSoSimple had an awesome afternoon with them recently. An old friend working at CARE Singapore, an amazing organization who helps children at risk, asked if we were keen to craft with their children. We eagerly agreed; excited and nervous at the same time - not knowing what to expect.

We spent the afternoon making key chains with Shrink Plastic for their mummies for the upcoming Mother's Day. The kids were utterly excited moulding their creation. It was exceptionally sweet to see them dedicating their favourite Slugterra slugs and Hello Kitty characters to their mummies as they drew, traced and coloured. They went the extra mile to ensure mummy loved it as they had added hearts in their creations next to the slugs. This is the only place we get to see the saccharine sweet slugs wrapped in the embrace of hearts.

WahSoSimple Craft Workshop Shrink Art

It was really entertaining both ways. We were tickled watching them, as they huddled obediently at the toaster watching in utter amazement, as their creation were shrunk into size. The unchained melody of 'oohs' and 'ahhs' was hummed like a choreographed orchestra.

Time went past in a haze with 29 unique masterpieces handcrafted with love. The eager hearts tore out of class, wearing a grin as wide as the rainbow and a gift in their palm, bursting with excitement to give their labour of love to the woman who means the world to them - their beloved mummy.

Happy Mother's Day to the 29 mummies out there! You mean the world to your children and they adore you more than anything else, in-between their mischief.

Till the next blog post, craft something with your hands! =)

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