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Event: Love Thy Earth! Upcycling Craft With Glass Marble Magnets!

We spent a lovely afternoon with Project Earth Day at United Square on 25 April 2015. It was a meaningful initiative organised by the National Environmental Agency.

We gave old magazines a new lease of life by up-cycling them to make pretty handmade glass marble magnets. Together with the many children who came to our workshop, we flipped though the magazines looking for the prettiest prints. We also added heart shapes cut-outs which we had cut out from used red packets from Chinese New Year which went by just 2 months ago. It was really fun as we worked together with the children to make their handmade with love magnets for their mummies.

WahSoSImple Upcycling Craft

It was indeed a meaningful and fulfilling afternoon as we see the little ones, the guardians of our Earth in the future, scoot off with their handmade up-cycled glass marble magnet craft. We know that they had learnt through to the workshop, how they can do their part to help love and appreciate our resources and how they can make pretty gifts with them.

WahSoSImple Upcycling Craft

Till the next blog post, make something with your hands! =)

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