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DIY Craft: Oven Baked Clay Gift Tags

WahSoSimple Oven Baked Clay

If you like DIY crafts and baking, you will love making things with clay. Both need kneading and rolling, both need cookie cutters, both need some attention to detail and both bring smiles to people’s faces. =)

Give your gifts that extra loving care, have a handmade gift tag. All you need is some Sculpey II Oven-Baked Clay (any 2 colors will do), alphabet stamps, some kitchen supplies (cookie cutters, toothpick, drinking straw), some super glue and your creativity.

All you have to do:

  1. Warm the clay in your hands by rolling it in your hands.

  2. Using the rolling pin, roll the clay out to about 3mm in thickness.

  3. Create your tag with the alphabet stamps and kitchen supplies.

  4. Place the tag onto a baking tray lined with a baking sheet or aluminum foil.

  5. Bake the tag in the oven as per the instructions on the Sculpey packaging - 130oC or 275oF for 15 minutes. Please do not microwave or exceed recommended temperature and baking time.

  6. After the tag has cooled and hardened, super glue the parts together if needed.

WahSoSimple Oven Baked Clay

If you are interested in crafting with oven baked clay, check out our Word Clay Magnet Kit at our shop. Practical and fun!

Till the next blog post, make something with your hands! =)

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