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DIY Craft: Earphone Cord Holder Made with Air Dry Clay

When I saw the earphone cord holder / keeper on Pinterest, I got really excited! This is exactly what I need to keep my earphone cord neat. I always squish and squash my earphone cord into a small bag and when I need it, it is almost always tangled up in knots. Then I have to spend a minute or two untangling it before I can use it. This is too much work for me. Hope my new clay earphone holder can help to keep the tangles at bay! =)

WahSoSimple Air Dry Clay

This is what I used:

  • Air dry clay

  • Rolling pin

  • Clear sheet of transparency (or you can use any type of smooth surfaces to roll your clay on)

  • Clay slicer / pen knife / cutter

  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter

  • Drinking straw

  • Alphabet stamp

  • Sandpaper

  • Acrylic paint

  • Tape

  • Paint brush

  • Paint palette

This is what I did:

  1. Shape: Knead and roll the clay on the clear transparency sheet to about 3 to 5mm thick. Use the cookie cutter to cut out a heart shape. Then use the drinking straw to pierce 2 holes about 5mm away from the edge and use the cutter to cut from the holes to the edge (see picture above). Gently remove the excess clay.

  2. Stamp: Use the alphabet stamps to stamp in your name or words to make your holder more interesting. This is optional.

  3. Dry & Sand: Gently lift the clay off the transparency sheet and place it at a safe place for overnight drying. Let the clay dry for about 24 hours or until it becomes dry and hard. Once the clay is dry and hard, use a piece of sand paper to smooth out the rough edges, if any.

  4. Paint: Paint the holder in any colour you like with the acrylic paint. I have chosen to paint one in pink and gold and the other in blue and silver. I used a piece of tape to help me keep the line between the colours neat.

WahSoSimple Air Dry Clay

I hope you will have fun making this!

Till the next blog post, craft something with your hands! =)

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