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DIY Craft: Suede Tassels

Suede tassels are great accessories for your bags and bookmarks. Here is how you can DIY a few to brighten up your world! =)

WahSoSimple DIY Craft Suede Tassel

What I used:

  • Four strands of suede strings, about 90 to 100 centimeters long for each strand

  • One strand of thick thread, about 10 centimeters long

  • A bit of super/strong glue

  • One large cord end

  • One small round ring

  • One keychain hook

  • A pair of scissors

  • Ruler (optional)

WahSoSimple DIY Craft Suede Tassel

What I did:

  1. Cut each strand of the suede string into 4 equal parts. I used 4 strands of suede strings, so that gave me 16 short strands. You can use fewer strands (12 maybe?) but I like my tassel to be fat, thick and abundant. =)

  2. Use the thick thread to tightly tie all the short strands together, tie them slightly to one side of the middle. I used a ruler to help me estimate the middle and moved about 0.5 centimeter to one side of the middle. Cut off the extra thick thread.

  3. Fold the longer ends downwards to cover the thick thread.

  4. Put some super glue to the folded end of the suede strings.

  5. Squeeze and push the folded end into the large cord end.

  6. Trim the ends to make them neat.

  7. Secure the tassel to the keychain hook with a round ring.

  8. Done! You can also skip the keychain hook if you are planning to use the tassel for other purposes.

WahSoSimple DIY Craft Suede Tassel

I love the suede colors! Have fun making your own suede tassels.

If you need the materials like the suede strings or the cord ends, drop us a note here.

Till the next blog post, make something with your hands! =)

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