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DIY Craft Kit: Petite Kit for Glass Marble Magnets

WahSoSimple DIY Craft Kit Glass Marble Magnet

Introducing a Petite Kit for our Glass Marble Magnets. This Petite Kit includes:

  1. 9 pieces of flat glass marbles in round and square shapes

  2. Pre-cut craft paper (design may differ from picture)

  3. 1 bottle of 4-oz Mod Podge

  4. 9 small round magnets

  5. 1 tube of 2-gram Scotch super glue

  6. 1 1-inch sponge brush

  7. 1 small disposable plastic dishes

  8. 2 packs of alcohol swabs

  9. Step-by-step instructions

The kit sells for S$20. Hurry, click here and order now! =)

Till the next blog post, make something with your hands! =)

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