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Come join our Shrink Art Craft Party at Woodlands Regional Library!

WahSoSimple Shrink Art

It has been a while since our last post and we guarantee this post is good stuff! We are bursting with excitement to share that we are working with National Library Board (NLB) to craft at their libraries! How wonderful is that?

This series of workshops is part of ARTSEEN - a community arts and culture node initiative by NLB and the National Arts Council, which seeks to promote vibrant arts learning within libraries, where artists and the community connect and engage in authentic art experiences.

Come join us at Woodlands Regional Library this Sunday - 4th February. We will be there to work with you on your personalised Shrink Art Bookmarks.

You will need to click on here to get register and obtain your free tickets to the workshop. We will see you this weekend at the cosy Woodlands Regional Library!

Till our next post, craft something with your hands! =)

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