Craft Workshop: Making A Merlion Shrink Plastic Keychain with Suede Tassel With Seniors

The iconic Singapore Merlion roared to life at our craft workshop with the seniors. We coloured the Merlion which were drawn on shrink plastic with the rainbow selection of Sharpie markers. Lovely hues of assorted colours on the Merlion were created and the seniors watched in amazement as their creation shrank in size when baked in the oven.

Together with the student volunteers who spent the morning crafting with them, they handmade suede tassels to complement the Merlion keychain. Their completed creation was an authentic made in Singapore keychain!

Matching the colours of the Merlion with their handmade suede tassels

A 100% Made in Singapore Keychain

Till the next blog post, make something with your hands! =)

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