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Craft Workshop: Painting Tropical Fruits on Fabric Bags with Seniors

WahSoSimple Paint a Watermelon Pouch

Nobody can resist a wedge of red juicy watermelon nor a ripe and golden pineapple, especially with the recent hot and humid weather. We handpainted our favourite fruits into vibrant designs on drawstring fabric bags at our recent customised craft workshop - specially designed for our student volunteers to bond with the lovely seniors over an afternoon of craft session.

Stroke by stroke, we created the ripe and juicy fruits together with the seniors with the help of the student volunteers. Painting is indeed an avenue of unique self expression and no two creations were the same; as we gazed around the room at the dozens of painted watermelons and pineapples fabric bags. We found the sight amazing as the bags from the same set of stencils and shades of acrylic paint.

WahSoSimple Paint a Watermelon Pouch

Happily painting and chatting away

WahSoSimple Paint a Pouch

The completed creation

WahSoSimple Paint a Watermelon Pouch

Every painted piece we saw was a unique creation

Till our next blog post, make something with your hands! =)

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