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Craft Workshop: Mosaic Art with Seniors

Mosaic is the art of creating images by assembling small coloured pieces of materials. It is an art which calls for immense patience as the creation is put together piece by piece, with precision to ensure that the tiles are properly place. Together with the help of the student volunteers, a group of seniors created their own mosaic art piece - The Gentle Owl, at a customised craft workshop which WahSoSimple had designed.

The usual chatter in the room were replaced with an air of quiet focus and concentration. The seniors painstakingly combed through the coloured tiles, matching the colours with the template. There were occasional bursts of laughter as they exclaimed for help from the volunteers - with their mosaic pieces unintentionally placed too far apart, resulting in their owls looking like an aftermath from an earthquake. It was good fun piecing the owls together, tile by tile.

wahsosimple craft workshop with seniors mosaics

The Gentle Owl

wahsosimple craft workshop with seniors mosaics

Arranging the mosaic pieces a tile at a time

wahsosimple craft workshop with seniors mosaics

The owl taking its shape in the patient hands of the seniors

Till our next blog, make something with your hands. =)

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