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DIY Craft: Wooden Beads

We are totally in love with wooden beads. The things we can make with them are just so many. Here are 2 craft ideas which you can consider. We have used 16mm in diameter wooden beads for both the crafts featured below.

Key Chain: If you love to add some colour to the beads, acrylic paint will be just what you need. You can paint the beads with various patterns, string them together with a suede string and you have your very own handmade keychain!

wahsosimple diy craft wooden beads keychain

Love the splash of pastel green on the beads

Glass/Cup Coaster: If you love the natural wood colour, you can skip painting them. Thread 5 rows of 5 beads. Glue them together with a hot glue gun and lightly burn the ends of the cords to prevent it from fraying. Your coaster is all ready for use.

wahsosimple diy craft wooden beads coaster

A handmade glass/cup coaster

Till our next blog post, make something with your hands!

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