DIY Craft: Washi Tape Monogram Notebook

I like collecting washi tapes. It is impossible not to fall in love with the variety of prints on these rice paper tapes. Here is how to personalise your own notebook - hand make a pretty monogram on the cover with washi tape.

This is what I used:

  • Washi Tape (With so many pretty designs to choose from, deciding on which to use is indeed tough!)

  • A pencil for tracing

  • A pair of scissors and/or a penknife

  • A cutting mat

  • Baking paper

  • A notebook with a plain cover

  • Printer

This is what I did:

1. I had decided to make a B letter Monogram notebook and I print a mirror image of the alphabet.

2. Trace the mirror imaged printed letter on the baking paper. Taping some washi tape on the baking paper over the printed alphabet helps keep the baking sheet in place when tracing.

3. Flip the baking paper with the traced alphabet right side around and paste the washi tape over the alphabet, covering up the entire printed alphabet. Washi tape picks up lead/ink stains easily and so the tape must not be pasted on the side where the alphabet has been traced. This explains why the printed alphabet needs to be mirror imaged. Start pasting from the bottom of the alphabet and move upwards as the tape is pasted. It is also important to ensure that the washi tape overlaps as each new piece is placed over the previous piece. This ensures that the Monogram does not break apart when we peel it off the baking paper.

4. Flip the baking paper with the alphabet all covered with washi tape back to the mirror imaged side so that the traced alphabet can be seen. Cut out the alphabet.

5. Slowly peel the washi tape off the baking paper from the bottom of the alphabet and paste it on the cover of the notebook and it is all done!

Till our next blog, make something with your hands!

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