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Event: Rubber Stamp Fun at the Hort Park

WahSoSimple Rubber Stamp

We had a lovely day at the monthly Gardeners' Day Out event at the Hort Park last Saturday. We took part in their 15th April event and had amazing loads of fun at our craft booth. In the spirit of reducing the use of paper and plastic, we encouraged the participants to design their own tote bags, drawstring bags and handkerchiefs which they will use in place of disposable bags and tissue.

The children especially had fun creating their own designs. They had to make really tough choices on the designs to stamp on their bags and the colour for their prints. It was a little messy but extremely fun for them as they showed their mega watt smiles with their creations.

WahSoSimple Rubber Stamping on Fabric Pouch

Check out our Rubber Stamp Kit if you are interested in carving some rubber stamps at home. =)

Till out next blog post, craft something with your hands! =)

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