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Event: NatGeo Earth Day Run 2017: Upcycling Running Bibs

WahSoSimple Upcycling Craft at NeoGeo Earth Day Run

We had a fantastic time at the Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2017, crafting with the race runners amidst the luscious greenery and stunning skyline view of Singapore at Gardens by the Bay. This event held this year served to protect our planet through renewable energy consumption, reducing waste and lowering participants’ carbon footprint.

Details were not spared to ensure that the run was eco friendly. The runners were given refillable bottles, which they could top up at designated water points, instead of consuming from bottled mineral bottles. WahSoSimple was there to help the runners further reduce their carbon footprint, helping them to upcycle their running bibs. We showed them how to turn their running bibs, often disposed post runs into practical items of use.

WahSoSimple Upcycling Craft at NeoGeo Earth Day Run

We had great fun at our crafting booths and we guided the runners to convert their running bibs either into a magnetic jigsaw puzzle or a mousepad. We were happy that the runners went home not only having accomplished their 5km/10km run under the sweltering glorious sun, but also how to upcycle their running bib, often their badge of pride, into something useful.

WahSoSimple Upcycling Craft at NeoGeo Earth Day Run

It gives us great pride to know that we also took part in the meaningful run, not as runners, but as eco friendly crafters sharing the message of upcycling with these amazing runners.

Till out next blog post, craft something practical! =)

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