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Upcycling Workshop: Upcycling Plastic Food Packaging into Zipper Pouches

WahSoSimple Upcycled Upcycling Zipper Pouch

We have just learnt a startling fact recently. Plastic is all around us and we really cannot live without it. It is a basic need, just like food, air, water and probably wifi too. In Singapore, we generated a staggering amount of 822,000 tonnes (source: NEA) of plastic waste in 2016. This accounted for 10% of the waste we generated last year. Sadly, only 7% of this plastic waste were recycled.

We believe that every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle counts. We went to a secondary school this week to share with the students how they can upcycle used plastic food packaging into attractive zipper pouches. There was absolutely no sewing required. The students learnt how to hand make their very own zipper pouches, from the used food packaging that they had salvaged from home. These hand made pouches will be given to their teachers for the upcoming Teachers' Day. This is truly a meaningful hand made work of love for the special someone who inspires, guides, enlightens, motivates them.

WahSoSimple Crafting Workshop Upcycled Zipper Pouch

If you are interested in organising an upcycling workshop with your friends, family or colleagues, do drop us a note here and we will arrange something for you.

Till our next post, make something practical with your hands! =)

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