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Clean and Green Singapore - Upcycling Workshops

WahSoSimple is glad to be part of an annual national initiative to help drive the message of how we can turn trash into practical items of use with our Upcycling Workshops.

Clean and Green Singapore, a campaign by National Environment Singapore (NEA), encourages us on how and what we can all do as a nation to be environmentally friendlier. Their focus of driving public education across the island brings together collective ideas, initiatives and inspirations to share simple lifestyle adjustment which we can make to be a more environmentally conscious individual. We have shared with the public on how they can look at common household waste items which they discard and transform them into items of use at a series of workshops which we had conducted at these events. Common waste items include paper, plastic and fabric.

Upcycling is not difficult once you embrace a mindset change and exercise a little creativity and it brings us great satisfaction at every workshop to share our ideas with the participants.

wahSoSimple Upcycling Workshop Clean and Green

Till our next post, upcycle something! =)

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