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DIY Craft: Print Your Own Wrapping Paper

Want to make your gift wrapping unique from others? Consider this simple DIY craft of printing your own wrapping paper with hand carved rubber stamps and acrylic paint. =)

WahSoSimple Rubber Stamp

It is quite simple to do ... All you need is some brown paper, a rubber, some acrylic paint, a small container to hold and blend your paint and a paintbrush.

I used a cookie cutter to get my rubber to a heart shape and used a cutter to to cut out some diagonal lines to give the heart some texture. Blend the paint to a color that you like, use the paintbrush to smear some paint on your rubber and start stamping away. Easy as ABC, right?

WahSoSimple Rubber Stamp

Add in a ribbon and I am done. Finally, my gift can be the unique one that stands out from the crowd.

Till the next blog post, make something with your hands! =)

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