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MAKE workshops at NLB - Crafting with Shrink Plastic

Do you know that the library is also a place to learn new crafts? WahSoSimple had conducted a series of Shrink Art Public Workshops across the various libraries with NLB's MAKE series. This wonderful program had given us the opportunity to teach participants how they could craft with Shrink Plastic, a wonderful medium with endless possibilities on what you can create.

Drawing inspirations from the wonderful collection of books at the library, we taught participants the techniques and tips on working with Shrink Plastic. With their newly mastered knowledge, they then created their unique Shrink Art pieces bookmarks and brooches.

WahSoSimple Shrink Art Shrink Plastic Workshop NLB

Email us at if you have a query on having a similar workshop such as this.

Till our next post, craft something! =)

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