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Upcycling Workshop with Used Food Packaging

WahSoSimple Upcycling Zipper Pouch

Snacking is almost a national hobby in Singapore and these myriad of snacks are often packed in attractive packaging to induce purchases. Since we snack a lot, this also means that we generate an impressive amount of packaging waste! What if we can give these packages another purpose after we have emptied its contents into our contented bellies instead of turning them into the trash bins?

The staff at the Ministry of Education spent an afternoon with us to learn how to upcycled their used food packaging into practical zipper pouches. We could hear the echoes of oohs and ahhs as they inched towards completing transforming their humble plastic packaging which they had salvaged and brought for the session, into a hand made zipper pouch which they had created at our upcycling workshop.

WahSoSimple is open for corporate workshops for all our upcycling ideas. Contact us should you want to do something at your office or school! =)

Till the next post, upcycle something!

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