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Our Happiest Upcycling Workshop

We love to spread the message of environmental care though all our upcycling workshops. However, the corporate upcycling workshop which had this sunny afternoon at the Hort Park is the epitome of satisfaction for us. This is all because we were crafting with the people who are instrumental in the environmental care of Singapore - the staff at National Environment Agency (NEA).

WahSoSimple Upcycling Workshop in Singapore Zipper Pouch

This made our popular Zipper Pouch workshop extra special and very fun, because we get to show these good people at NEA how to upcycle their unassuming food packages, which were destined to be disposed in the trash bin into very, very attractive limited edition zipper pouches.

Interested in a workshop for your team? Email us at hello@wahsosimple .com! =)

Till our next post, upcycle something!

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