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WWF Earth Hour Festival 2019

WahSoSimple Beeswax Wrap Upcycling Workshop

30th March 2019 - We had spent our day at Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, overlooking at awesome skyline of Singapore, with our Upcycled Beeswax Wrap Making workshop. We shared hoe we can reduce the use of single use plastic cling film, by switching to Beeswax Wrap instead. We are grateful to be part of this event as we strongly believe that it is beyond just a day where all the lights are turned off for an hour at 8.30 pm as we watch the city's skyline flicker to darkness. It is a day to spark the thought of thinking about our routines and how we can each make tweaks in our habits, which will in turn multiply across the population of people around the world and eventually have an impact to biodiversity.

Because, every little act of kindness to the environment counts.

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