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A beautiful CSR Craft Session in every way

WahSoSimple is grateful to be part of a meaningful event, where colleagues from a company took time off their precious Saturday afternoon, and spent time with the recipients at MINDS - Woodlands Gardens School. The organisers of the event had wanted us to design an interactive workshop session which allowed their colleagues to bond with the students at the school though a craft together.

WahSoSimple Craft Workshop Fingerprinting

Helping hands -

Fingerprinting is definitely much more fun when the pieces are created together

We decided on working with finger stamping on fabric to create unique button bag tags. It was amazing to watch the participants huddled together as they transformed the white fabric pieces into very creative bag tags. The entire afternoon was a sight to behold as we witnessed tender interaction moments where beautiful bag tags were hand made with lots of attention and love.

When a splash of yellow and some lines gives you a happy bumble bee bag tag

Till our next post, craft something with your hands. =)

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