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Upcycling Workshop - Finding a forever home

Learning to make an upcycled zipper pouch is one of our more popular upcycling craft workshop. The journey to create this workshop had started a few years back from a conversation - how pretty some food packaging are and it is a waste to trash them after we have consumed the contents. And boy, this journey has been such an amazing ride. We had made so many friends through the workshops conducted. The encounters we had with our new found friends continued beyond the workshops and it is so amazing and heartwarming.

Back in April, we had received some pristinely salvaged Kit Kat packaging. One sweet lady tracked us down from our IG post and came for our WWF public event to pass us some packaging and then scurried off to her weekend plans. The packaging we had adopted has found its forever home last week. We conducted an Upcycled Zipper Pouch workshop at Girl Guides Singapore and a guider patiently and beautifully gave our adopted Kit Kat packaging a new lease of life, transforming it into such a pretty zipper pouch.

It wow us that how a seemingly mundane converasation we had a few years ago about used food packaging has morphed into such a heartwarming encounter - with complete strangers to be connected simply by a wrapper. It had started as an act of kindness to the environment to reduce waste, and in taking the effort to salvage the packaging and pass it on, it is now upcycled into a handmade Kit Kat Zipper Pouch in this guider's hands.

WahSoSimple is humbled that we can spread the message of environmental care and the act of kindness, one upcycling workshop at a time. =)

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