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Upcycling Craft: Egg-citing 3D Card

WahSoSimple Upcycling Craft Egg Carton to 3D Card

Eggs! Don't we love them? Eggs in Singapore are always packaged in egg cartons, a common packaging found in kitchens at home. Here is a fun idea on how you can make an upcycled craft with the egg cartons after all the wholesome eggs have been consumed.

You can create so many lovable animal characters, using the cut out egg pocket from the carton as the 3D face of the character. My yellow bear was created with yellow acrylic paint on my cut-out egg pocket. Next, I doodled and coloured the perfect outfit on a cardboard and my Upcycled 3D card was wonderfully created!

So hurry along to look for an egg carton and get started on your creation! You should have all the materials required to work on this craft. That is the beauty of working with upcycling crafts, where you turn trash at home into a handmade craft piece!

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