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A Beary Fun Upcycling Craft to Do at Home!

DIY Newspaper Art Bear

Hey everyone! We have an absolutely fun Upcycling craft for you to do with your little ones at home. We guarantee that you have absolutely all the materials you need at home. Have fun with a scavenger hunt to look for the necessary tools and you will have so much fun creating an adorable happy bear!

Here are all the materials needed:

1. Old Newspapers

2. A used Envelope

3. A piece of coloured paper A4 sized

4. Pencil

5. A pair of scissors

6. Glue

7. Black Marker

8. Round objects in these approximate 4 sizes:

a. 18cm in diameter (for the bear's body)

b. 15cm in diameter (for the bear's head)

c. 6cm in diameter (for the bear's ears)

d. 3cm in diameter (for the bear's eyes)

Click on to watch the video for the instructions!

Have fun!! =)


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