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Inspiration strikes at the most unlikely places...

We are over the moon to have an opportunity to work with The Straits Times to share a craft. We want to share the funny back story of how this dual Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day craft idea shared on The Straits Times all came about.

It had started with the thought of carving a Valentine's Day themed rubber stamp "XOXO". This thought came about as Mui Hong was stuck behind the wheel in traffic and the mind started drifting off into a million other thoughts, which included thinking about images of the Ox, because we were tasked to share an Ox-themed related craft. Pondering about this industrious and hard working animal, coupled with her stuck behind the wheel gave her the eureka moment that the word Ox is actually an inverted Xo! And it is such a timely coincidence that Valentine's Day this year falls on the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year. Hence, this versatile dual purpose craft is created!

Here is the link to the video instruction on how you can create this fun dual celebratory craft.

Inspiration strikes when you least expect it, such as when you are stuck in traffic. Just let your mind wonder and be amazed by what comes!


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