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Stamp a Uniquely Special Singapura Pouch

We love to teach rubber carving classes and we also love to carve pieces of symbols and icons we love. Wah So Simple was really proud and humbled to be comissioned by People's Association (PA) to work on uniquely Singapore stamps for the creation of a fun craft - Stamp your Own Singapura Pouch, as part of the National Day Celebrations. In the lead up to National Day, we hand carved an entire collection of Singapore themed stamps, drawing inspirations of the so many things which makes us uniquely Singapore. The one and only Merlion, our unique language Singlish, and the comfort food - Kueh Tutu which we love. How about the family of Otters, who robbed our hearts and sighting them is almost a national past time of many.

Wah So Simple Retro Singapura Pouch
Wah So Simple Shiok Fabric Pouch

Carving the stamps was only part of the fun. The other absolutely gratifying aspect of this craft was soaking in the atmosphere at National Day Celebrations 2019 @ North West, amongst the midst of so many families, stamping their own rendition of Singapura Pouch as they combed through the many themes of stamps we had hand carved for them to ink.

Wah So Simple Hand Stamped Singapura Pouch


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