Chinese New Year Upcycled Cherry Blossom Hanging Mobile

The sight of cherry blossoms marks the beginning of spring, and it is synonymous with the celebration of Chinese New Year. Let's celebrate this season with making a a gorgeous hand painted Cherry Blossom Hanging Mobile, by upcycling simple everyday objects we have around us.

This creation was inspired by my 2 boys, one who love eggs, so we have a constant supply of egg cartons at home, and the other who loves to pick fallen twigs and branches during our outdoor walks.

Here are the items needed to create your very own spring time inspired hanging mobile.

  1. Cardboard egg cartons to create the cherry blossoms. I have used 1 and 1/2 egg cartons (each holding 30 eggs) to create approximately 45 cherry blossoms.

  2. Paint - White and Red paint. I have used acrylic paint as I like how well it covers the corrugated brown trays.

  3. Twigs to create the frame for the mobile

  4. Twine to tie the twigs together and to hold the mobile in place.

  5. A penknife

  6. A pair of small scissors

  7. A glue gun to glue the flowers to the branches.

Step 1: Slice the egg carton apart with the help of a penknife. Cut them into knobs to create the flowers.

Step 2: Use a pair of small scissors and cut 5 slits on each knob. Trim around the slits to create the petals of the flower. A small pair of scissors makes trimming the petals effortless.

Step 3: Paint the flowers. Mix white and red paint to get your desired hue of pink. Paint both the inside and outside of the flowers.

Step 4: We will create a darker shade of pink paint, closer to red and paint the inside of the flower with this darker hue, resembling the core of the cherry blossom, often in a darker pigment of pink. Let the flowers dry.

Step 5: Create your wooden frame by gathering your collected twigs or branches and tie them with twine. Ensure they are tied securely.

Step 6: Glue the painted flowers with the help of a glue gun onto the twigs.

Step 7: With some green paper, cut some leaves to accompany the flowers.

Step 8: Tie a long piece of twine on 2 ends of the mobile and you are done!

You may decorate your mobile with past year decorations. Alternatively, you may also create some mini lanterns, upcycled from red packets. They are extremely easy to create. Learn how to make them here!

Have fun with this creation!

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