Mini Upcycled Lunar New Year Lanterns!

The Chinese New Year is not complete without the iconic Chinese lanterns. Read on to learn how to create some lovely mini lanterns from old red packets, It is really easy, just 6 steps!

Materials needed:

  1. Red packets

  2. Red String

  3. Glue Stick

  4. A cardboard

  5. A bottle as a stencil

  6. A pencil

  7. A pair of scissors

Step 1: Placing a bottle on a cardboard, trace a circle around the bottle and cut the traced circle. This serves as a stencil.

Step 2: With the cardboard stencil, trace 5 circles on the red packet and cut out the circles

Step 3: Fold each circle into half, with your favoured design folded inwards. Apply glue on 1 side of the outer circle. Do this for all the circles and paste the folded circles one on top of the other.

Step 4: Fold a red string into half and tie 2 knots to one side of it.

Step 5: Apply glue on the spine of the stacked up folded circles and paste the string on the spine. Ensure the knots are just below the spine of the stack of folded circles.

Step 6: Apply glue on the outer side of the circle and paste it on the base of the outer side of the folded circle.

Your mini lantern is done! Why stop at just one lantern when you can make many more?

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