Upcycled Butterflies from Red Packets

Yes! You can create pretty butterflies with red packets! It is really simple and fun. Read on to learn how to create them.

The materials needed:

  1. Red packets

  2. A pair of scissors

  3. A penknife

  4. A pencil

  5. A bottle

  6. Red String or craft pipe cleaners.

Step 1: With a penknife, slice open the red packet.

Step 2: To create the top set of butterfly wings, we fold a triangle with the desired portion of the red packet design. This triangle will allow us to cut a regular square piece.

Step 3: To create the bottom set of butterfly wings, we trace a circle with a bottle.

Step 4: Cut out the shapes.

Step 5: Create folds on both the square and circle cut outs.

Step 6: Cut a piece of string to tie both pieces of folded pieces together.

Step 7: Secure the square folded piece on top and the circle folded piece below. We then trim the left over string to form the antenna of the butterfly.

Step 8: Gently open up the folds and your butterfly is all ready!

Go on and create a flutter of butterflies!

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